BRX001: Slovo - Nommo

Slovo - Nommo



Faithless guitarist Dave Randall, has produced a border-breaking debut album, Nommo, that is a spell-binding work of great heart and subtlety. Drawing on a wealth of musical, political and cultural references, Randall fuses spoken word, poetry, ethereal vocals and dance rhythms from around the globe. With collaborators as disparate as the angelic Icelandic singer Emiliana Torrini, Kurdistani poet Ismail Taha and New York rapper Anthony DeMore, Nommo is a liberating musical melting pot.

Mixing the street sounds of Gaza City with traditional West African instrumentation and complex polyphonal soundscapes, Nommo takes the listener on a blissfully eclectic aural excursion. Charming, relatively simple acoustic tracks such as the emotive gem Killing Me and sublime Weebles Fall are no less evocative than their more complex neighbours. One of which, Di Wengi Sane, somehow blends rap, female harmonising from Togo and Cameroon, a speech by Charlie Chaplin and a sitar, all wrapped in raw infectious percussion.

Wise, original and inspiring, Slovo's debut is as challenging as it is uplifting.


Written by Dave Randall and others
Full credits (and lyrics) for Nommo

Published by Universal Music Publishing
(P)(C) 2002 Brixtown Records (Musiqware Ltd)
Distributed by Musiqware Ltd


CD Album [BRX001CD]

  1. Saaba
  2. Frank & Harry
  3. Killing Me
  4. 21 Today
  5. Weebles Fall
  6. Di Wengi Sane
  7. Voice
  8. Hound Dog
  9. Come Down
  10. Back To Peace
  11. Whisper
  12. Sertão Blues

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