BRX006: Slovo - The One

Slovo - The One



The first single from the "Todo Cambia" album. Dave Randall and Slovo present a heartfelt love song.

This single package crosses many genres; On one end of the spectrum are the floor filling electro mixes by Escobar and Vito and Toolroom regular Mark Storie. Bug Compass deliver their Downtempo, spaced-out glitch mix while the mainstream, and dare we say it... radio-friendly mixes come from the Giant Killers and the band themselves.


Written and Produced by David Randell
Performed by David Randall and friends
Published by Universal Music Publishing
(P)(C) 2007 Brixtown Records (Musiqware Ltd)
Distributed by Musiqware Ltd


12" [BRX006T]

  1. The One (Escobar & Vito Mix)
  2. The One (Bug Compass Mix)

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  1. The One (Giant Killers Mix)
  2. The One
  3. The One (Escobar & Vito Mix)
  4. The One (Mark Storie Mix)
  5. The One (Bug Compass Mix)

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