BRX007: Slovo - Todo Cambia

Slovo - Todo Cambia



Slovo present their second album Todo Cambia with unique contributions from UK hiphop MC Bobby Whiskers, singer Andrea Britton, writer Arundhati Roy, Bolivian activist Oscar Olivera, Palestinian MC Boikutt and US political prisoner George Jackson among others.

With a sound rooted in Slovo's native London, this album continues to explore the questions presented by the wider world with an uncompromising but personal, honest and contemplative stance. The album's title comes from a phrase Dave first heard used as a declaration of hope amongst the poor of Caracas. The idea that 'everything changes' has fired the imagination of people across Latin America who have started to challenge age-old systems of privilege in the workplace, wider community and at the ballot box.

"Todo Cambia (Everything Changes). I heard the phrase that became this album’s title used as a declaration of hope and optimism on the streets of Caracas in Venezuela. There the once dispossessed majority are starting to take control of their own communities and society. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world, changes are being imposed on communities by powerful elites who seek to marginalise people and privatise and plunder their resources.

"All of humankind face challenges that are likely to intensify conflicts and which ultimately will call into question the sustainability and desirability of the economic system under which we all live. Change is inevitable. Whether it is for the better or for the worse is up to us, collectively, to determine. Another world is necessary. A better world is possible…" Dave Randall 2007.


All music and words written by Dave Randall, except:
Raps on tracks 1, 4, 8 & 10 by Anthony Casey (Bobby Whiskers)
Spoken words on track 3 by Arundhati Roy (writer and activist)
Arabic rap on track 4 by Boikutt (Ramallah Underground)
Spoken words on track 9 by Oscar Olivera (Bolivian activist)
Sung words on track 9 by Hugo Chavez (President of Venezuela)
Spoken words on track 10 by George Jackson (writer and political prisoner)

Published by Universal Music Publishing
Produced by Dave Randall
Mixed by Andy Marlow, Dave Randall & Matt Kemp
Mastered by Kevin Metcalf


CD Album [BRX007CD]

  1. Calm & Silent
  2. The One
  3. Flags
  4. Nakba
  5. Spun Out
  6. Magazine Men
  7. Being You
  8. Many People
  9. Todo Cambia
  10. Soledad Brother
  11. On A Bus

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