BRX008: Slovo - Spun Out

Slovo - Spun Out



"Spun Out" is the 2nd single from the new Slovo album "Todo Cambia". The song is a love song for modern times.

"Spun Out" comes with a host or remixes; from the radio friendly Giant Killers, to the dubbed out grooves of the Big String mix to the krautrock inspired grooved rhythms of Snorkel.

Pete Miser and Robert Logan provide more electronic takes on the original.


Written and Produced by David Randall
Performed by David Randall and friends
Additional Production on Track 3 by Pete Miser
Additional Production on Track 4 by Robert Logan
Additional Production on Track 5 by Ben Cowen
Published by Universal Music Publishing
(P)(C) 2007 Brixtown Records (Musiqware Ltd)
Distributed by Musiqware Ltd


7" [BRX008S]

  1. Spun Out (Giant Killers Mix)
  2. Spun Out (Big String Dub Mix)

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  1. Spun Out (Giant Killers Mix)
  2. Spun Out (Big String Dub Mix)
  3. Spun Out (Pete Miser Mix)
  4. Spun Out (Robert Logan Mix)
  5. Spun Out (Snorkel Remix)
  6. Spun Out (Giant Killers Radio Edit)
  7. Spun Out

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