BRX010: OneWorld - Freedom For Palestine

OneWorld - Freedom For Palestine



Palestine is in crisis. Today Palestinians suffer daily human rights abuse and live in crushing poverty in refugee camps and under Israeli occupation.

In response to this injustice, international musicians have come together to release the song "Freedom for Palestine" by OneWorld. By securing the first ever chart hit on Palestine they hope to send a message to politicians that Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine must end.

OneWorld includes Maxi Jazz (Faithless), LSK, the Durban Gospel Choir, members of the London Community Gospel Choir, Jamie Catto (1 Giant Leap) and musicians from around the world. The project is the brainchild of producer and composer Dave Randall (Slovo/Faithless) who has written and produced the song.

In the last year international artists such as Faithless, Massive Attack, Elvis Costello, Gil Scot Heron, Tindersticks, Klaxons and Gorillaz Sound System have all cancelled gigs in Israel in protest at the country’s increased repression of Palestinians. Their decision to do so reflects a growing consensus amongst musicians for the need to stand up against human rights abuse in Palestine as artists did during the Anti-Apartheid movement against the racist South African regime in the 1980s.

"Freedom for Palestine" by OneWorld will be released on the 3 July 2011 but is available to pre-order now.

Proceeds raised from the single will go to UK registered charity War on Want to support projects in Palestine.


Written and Produced by David Randall
Published by Musiqware Ltd
(P)(C)2011 Brixtown Records (Musiqware Ltd)
Distributed by Musiqware Ltd


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  1. Freedom For Palestine
  2. Freedom For Palestine (That's My House Mix)
  3. Freedom For Palestine (Drum & Bass Mix)
  4. Freedom For Palestine (Disco Nutter Mix)
  5. Freedom For Palestine (Vocals Only)

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