BRX011: Cosmonaut Volkov - Cosmonaut Volkov

Cosmonaut Volkov - Cosmonaut Volkov



The countdown began when Iraqi oud virtuoso Khyam Allami ran into Slovo / Faithless guitarist Dave Randall (AKA Ilford Slim) in a bar in the south of Sudan. Accordionist and world supremo juggler - Dimitri Fingerov - happened to be passing through that same gin joint and several bar snacks later, Cosmonaut Volkov came spluttering into the world.

These three cosmonauts began to meld the musical traditions of North and East Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans and South London. Lift-off was achieved back in Brixton when the cosmonauts recruited bass man Big String Marlow, the iconoclastic drummer Frink Byng and revered master of pots, pans, bells and whistles - TeaKay Clash - to their flying circus.


Written by David Randall (PRS)
Published by Musiqware Ltd (PRS)
Sub-Published in USA by Musiqware America (BMI)
(P)(C) 2011 Brixtown Records (Musiqware Ltd)

David Randall - Guitars & Vocals
Khyam Allami - Oud
Frank Byng - Drums
Chris Sly - Accordion & Piano
Trevor Kentish - Percussion
Andy Marlow - Bass


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  1. What Is To Be Done
  2. Barber Of Khartoum
  3. Tallin Opera House
  4. Neukolln Wanderers
  5. Sergei Ignatov's Drop

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